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Millionsoulsaware.org is a not for profit project started in march 2007 that has the mission to raise awareness by featuring an article on an important issue that needs attention. Millionsoulsaware.org doesn't ask for donations, but asks you to spread the word. The millionsoulsaware.org goal is to get one million souls aware on the current issue. This goal is measured by the project counter on the mainpage.

Our goal will be reached by asking people on the internet to spread the awareness by promoting millionsoulsaware.org. We believe the internet is the perfect way to reach a worldwide audience. Awareness is the starting point for a better world.

Take: an international issue, raising awareness, make it accessible, create a clear goal (1 million) and use the powers of the web (linking, blog, email) and you have what millionsoulsaware.org is about.


Raising awareness is an important instrument to initiate change. Ignorance - the opposite - on worldwide problems is something that can be changed by informing people about a situation to initiate future change. If you accept ignorance, the issues will never be resolved. That's why millionsoulsaware.org is started.

To learn more about millionsoulsaware.org, read our press release.


Millionsoulsaware.org is inititated and developed by 21 year old, Yvo Schaap from the Netherlands. If you believe you can contribute to the project you can find contact information on the contact page.

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The number of refugee camps worldwide is increasing significantly, with over 12 millions refugees worldwide. Read our article and become aware.

Organisation: millionsoulsaware.org.

Needs attention.


Help: Your awareness is our way to convince our goverments and organisations to help solve the situation.

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