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AMSTERDAM, April 11 /PRNewswire/ -- is a newly launched online project with the goal to raise awareness of one million souls on important social issues. This unique non-profit project doesn't ask for donations, but asks people to help raise awareness by sharing the story on the website

The website features one article at a time about an important social issue. The goal is to make one million souls aware about the current issue of 'refugee camps worldwide'. The article on the website gives an in-depth description of this issue and is supported by an interactive world map that clearly shows all refugee camps worldwide and their population.

To reach the goal of one million souls aware, asks the internet community to work together and spread the knowledge about this social issue with the use of weblogs, social communities, and email. This way anybody who visits the website can contribute to reaching the goal, and thereby raising awareness with people. Raising awareness is a long term investment, and only by informing large numbers of people there will be support for future change on international social issues.

The number of souls made aware is shown on the website by a live counter that adds one to the total of one million with every unique visit. When the goal of one million is reached, a new social issue will be introduced for which awareness needs to be raised.

The internet is the perfect instrument to reach a wide audience and spread information to the general public about social issues. makes use of a new trend where more and more people on the internet have the ability to reach a wide audience with the use of e.g. their own weblogs or online social community.

Refugee camps are an important social issue because according to the 2006 World Refugee survey, conducted annually by the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI), a staggering 33 million people worldwide are currently uprooted from their homes. Of that number, 12 million are refugees and asylum seekers living in camps in countries other than their own, and 21 million are Internally Displaced Persons (IDP), an official designation for civilians displaced by persecution, armed conflict or widespread violence. is a project initiated and developed by Yvo Schaap from the Netherlands who is the owner of a website development company.

The project with the current issue "refugee camps worldwide" can be visited at

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The number of refugee camps worldwide is increasing significantly, with over 12 millions refugees worldwide. Read our article and become aware.


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Help: Your awareness is our way to convince our goverments and organisations to help solve the situation.

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